Curing Death, by Dr. Mark Rosenberg M.D.

Curing Death: A Novel

What would you sacrifice to live forever?

Dr. Mike Royce has a problem. His patients keep dying. His skills as an ER doctor are unmatched, but he can’t save them all. With every death, his sense of failure grows.

With the help of a brilliant nurse—once his patient, now his trusted colleague and sometime lover—Royce embarks on a controversial research project to challenge the inevitability of death. When Royce and his team discover a never-before observed energy in the body, they believe they’ve stumbled upon the soul itself. And they make a tantalizing connection between the egress of this soul energy and imminent, certain death.

To forestall death and change the trajectory of human life, Royce must find a way to stop that soul-energy from leaving the body, before his own mysteriously erratic, increasingly unstable mind betrays him.

This is indeed a very unusual book. A very thought-provoking book. And a helluva entertaining read.

-R.G. Belsky,

Curing Death is the ultimate page-turner because it demands of the reader that they experience the ultimate fantasy: How can we live forever?

Not only did the story move at a breathless pace, the complex love affair between Dr. Royce and Nurse Simmons was a wonderful surprise. All in the backdrop of the continual traumas of a hospital emergency room headed by the unstoppable Dr. Mike Royce – you can’t put it down.

-Debra O’Hara

I love thrillers. I've read them all, the good and not-so-good. This is a great one. I can usually predict where things are going but this story kept me guessing, and I was floored by the ending. The characters are legitimately interesting, not cookie-cutter types. And the medical mysteries are really interesting and mind-blowing (not for nerds only). An all-around excellent read.

-Martha Riley

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Dr. Marc Rosenberg M.D.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg is a former Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He currently leads two medical practices in integrative oncology and antiaging.

He is also a medical innovator, founder of a pharmaceutical company that develops targeted drugs to treat cancer, and an inventor of a provisionally-patented device designed to stop the “seeding” of cancer cells, designed to convert a systemic disease back into a local disease.