Curing Death: A Novel

Where Fate and Medicine Intertwine in a Riveting Saga

Step into the world of “Curing Death,” a compelling narrative woven by Mark Rosenberg M.D., where the stark realities of medical science meet the complexities of human fate.

Royce, a seasoned medical professional, is confronted with a haunting figure from his past, Alesha, whose reappearance in a critical medical situation ignites a series of events that test the limits of ethical boundaries and human compassion. Journey through the fast-paced environment of a hospital, where life and death decisions are made in moments, and where a revolutionary medical breakthrough looms on the horizon, challenging the very concept of mortality.

In “Curing Death,” experience the thrill of medical emergencies interlaced with profound philosophical questions. This tale delves deep into the human heart, exploring themes of love, loss, and the ethical dilemmas posed by advancements in life-extending technologies.

This novel poses the ultimate question: What does it mean to defy the natural course of life and death? “Curing Death” is not just a story, but a journey that invites you to ponder the boundaries of medical intervention and the unexplored realms of the human spirit.

Curing Death is the ultimate page-turner because it demands of the reader that they experience the ultimate fantasy: How can we live forever?

Not only did the story move at a breathless pace, the complex love affair between Dr. Royce and Nurse Simmons was a wonderful surprise. All in the backdrop of the continual traumas of a hospital emergency room headed by the unstoppable Dr. Mike Royce – you can’t put it down.

-Debra O’Hara

“The story is unique, well thought out and well executed with excellent writing. It had so many poignant moments throughout but also had thriller and sci-fi elements and some moments of comedy. I loved how there’s an intricate plot around the (doctor’s) study interspersed with the ER sequences which are plotless and chaotic, but at times tie back to the main story. It touches on how death can be merciful/necessary in a way that’s timely for the story. And the plot of the main story is very strong, great use of subplots like Royce’s mysterious mind/body conditions and Evelyn and Alesha’s illnesses as a motivating factor.

“It should definitely be made into a movie, in fact the best movies tend to be adapted from books. Amazing work. I recommended it to my mom already and will think of some others to recommend it to.

-Loyin and Ryan

Anti-aging Dishes from Around the World

by Grace O
Foreword by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

When I met Grace O over ten years ago, I was impressed with her knowledge of food as medicine and her work with aging populations.

Little did I know then that she would go on to create and author three cookbooks, all dedicated to food that helps us defy the diseases of aging. As an integrative medicine doctor, I’ve spent my life exploring the diseases of aging, focusing particularly on cancer. Grace’s award-winning work has contributed to helping others discover flavorful recipes that also deliver plenty of health benefits.

Anti-Aging Dishes from Around the World: Recipes to Boost Immunity, Improve Skin, Promote Longevity, Lower Inflammation, and Detoxify

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